Saturday, September 18, 2010

Playstation Move

Everything I see about playstation move makes me want to get it. I have a wii also, but I don't know. Maybe I prefer ps3 more.
The PlayStation Move works in conjunction with the PlayStations Eye camera to track the movement of the controller in the player's hand. The orb at the tip of the controller emits light that can easily be tracked via the camera, while the orb's particular shape and size help facilitate distance calculations. In layman's terms, the PlayStation Eye can determine how far away the orb is by gauging its relative size.
The Move also contains a pair of inertial sensors that allow the controller to sense motion and rotation.

The cost of the PlayStation Move depends on what equipment you already possess. We'll be using North American pricing for this guide. International pricing may vary.
If you do not own a PlayStation 3, then you'll want to pick up the PlayStation 3 Sports Champions Move Bundle, which includes a PlayStation 3 console, a PlayStation Move controller, the PlayStation Eye camera, and a copy of the Move game Sports Champions. Retail price is $399.99.
If you already own a PlayStation 3 but nothing else, you'll need the PlayStation Move Bundle. Retailing for $99.99, it includes the PlayStation Move controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, and a copy of Sports Champions.
If you already own a PlayStation Eye, which was sold on its own as well as being packaged with the PlayStation 3 game Eye of Judgment, then all you will need is a PlayStation Move controller, which will run you $49.99.
It bears noting that many Move games will require the PlayStation Move Navigation Controller, a wireless handheld device featuring several buttons and an analog thumb stick that costs $29.99. Note that you can use the normal PlayStation 3 controller as the Navigation Controller, though it's not optimal.


  1. those are some interesting gadgets

  2. If it weren't for the price, I'd love to check this out. As it stands, it's just a little too far on the expensive side of things.

  3. Meh, I don't think it's that good though but it could be fun :)

  4. can u say wii?? sony has found a new low. copying off the lowest system.

  5. It will be interesting when this comes out, and how accurate it is.

  6. Really intrigued by this, excited to hear more about it and see some gameplay footage