Sunday, September 19, 2010

Minecraft free! Try it out, you wont be disappointed!

Minecraft Is Free Until It Gets Fixed
Minecraft, the indie hit for PC whose popularity has gone meteoric of late, has found its servers overwhelmed. Playing the game isn't affected by the trouble, however. As such, its creator has declared it "free-to-play" until he can restore order.
Per a barebones page on the Minecraft page, Markus Persson, aka "Notch," says that "Minecraft got way too popular for this humble server. I've had to disable everything fancy to even get it to run."
Presently, registering an account, buying the game and user verification for online servers are all inactive. But playing the game and player skins still work.
"Until this all gets sorted out, I'm officially calling a 'free-to-play weekend,' or however long this will take to fix," says Notch. "You will need to have a paid account to play it later on when this gets fixed though."
The official page (linked below) has download links for Windows, MacOS and Linux-supported versions of Minecraft.


  1. Hey, cool beans. Maybe they'll get enough players that the free-to-play will last.

  2. they could probably make moar money with free to play and advertising.


    --Daytona Jones
    destroyer of dreams

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  4. LOVE that game. Haven't played it in a while though

  5. Looks like a cool game, might check it out sometime

  6. downloading :P

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  7. You left me a comment recently asking if I had played any of the Touhou games...I have not, but I've seen lots of videos posted by a fellow blogger on here (the URL escapes me at the moment). They look COMPLETELY frantic...bullet hell to the extreme.

    I am a shmup nerd, though...always like to see new titles. Today's review is also on a shmup, a great game called Tyrian.

  8. Cheers for the link!! Enjoy games like this:)

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