Friday, September 17, 2010

New SSF4 alternative costumes

I for one love the street fighter series and cant get enough of the gameplay!
How does everyone like the new outfits? >

My favorites so far are,
Cody's, M. Bison's, Sakura's, Chun-Li's, and Makoto's.
I like playing as cammy.
But not to thrilled about her new outfit. :S oh well.

If anyone would ever want to play, shoot me your ps3 id.


  1. i love how goofy they kinda are for a fighting game

  2. Niiice.
    Followin'! xD

  3. Honestly, I think the new streetfighter games just haven't had the same balance and playability as the original Street Fighter II (arcade version, or SNES version)

    It's too fast and too flashy to have the same level of enjoyment, and certain characters (Viper) are just always goddamn annoying to face.

    Just my opinion.

  4. I like asian girls !


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  5. This series started off really weird and then continued that way. The first Street Fighter, the arcade game you could only play as Ryu/Ken in, was REALLY godawful. Then, Street Fighter 2 came out and was successful, so they made something like 7 separate versions of the same damned game. It really seems like after that, there wasn't a single SF game that had the same popularity as the second one (or seven, whichever).

    I'd like to see one go back to the basics. Not like Street Fighter II, but I'd like to see one come out that's just like an updated version of Street Fighter I. There's a game I'd buy.