Saturday, October 9, 2010

Minecraft Halloween Update!

So this is what Notch is tempting us with for the next update.
I am somewhat excited. I have been playing Minecraft for a while now with my wife and friends but its getting old fast, especially with the lack of updates. Anyone else play minecraft and are looking forward to this update?

Also finished Professor layton and the unwound future earlier this week! Pretty good game. Puzzles were still a tad on the easy side. The story twists at the end and definitely was enjoyable. Looking forward for the forth game, whenever that comes out.


  1. I keep getting told by coworkers to check out Minecraft. Maybe I'll have to look into it. It just seemed a bit bland at first glance.

  2. been forever since a minecraft update. And Layton games take forever because they have a ton of stuff to translate. Most of it's dialogue and text so yeah... lotsa work.

  3. oh lawd minecraft