Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finished Sonic 4

Gonna start off by saying Sonic 4 was a disappointment.The gameplay just isn't that good when you look at it. But Lets compare sonic 2 to sonic 4.
Sonic 2
  • Emerald Hill Zone, 2 Acts
  • Chemical Plant Zone, 2 Acts
  • Aquatic Ruin Zone, 2 Acts
  • Casino Night Zone, 2 Acts
  • Hill Top Zone, 2 Acts
  • Mystic Cave Zone, 2 Acts
  • Oil Ocean Zone, 2 Acts
  • Metropolis Zone, 3 Acts
  • Sky Chase Zone, 1 Act
  • Wing Fortress Zone, 1 Act
  • Death Egg Zone 1 Act 
  • Total Acts =  20. Which are played out over a variety of landscapes and settings
Sonic 4
  • Splash Hill Zone, 3 Acts
  • Casino Street Zone, 3 Acts
  • Lost Labyrinth Zone, 3 Acts
  • Mad Gear Zone Zone, 3 Acts
  • E.G.G Station  Zone, 1 Acts
  • Total Acts = 13. Which are played out on levels that resemble the levels from old games. Nothing new other then the level layout
All the sonic 4 monsters and bosses are reused from previous games. 15$ for this? Really? There is no challenge also. You don't need to play through 12 acts and be careful. You can chose which level you play at any time. Where's the challenge? Also the physics are weird. Sonic can be walking really slow and go up a vertical wall, but doing his signature down rolling spin will not prove effective at all. 15$ for a lame new game (read rehash), with nothing new to present, a quick first playthrough, with zero desire to replay the game to get the chaos emeralds, just doesn't fly. I think this image I put together in MSPaint in under a minute will make some sense

I finished Dead Rising 2 also and will post when I have time. Time to eat dinner and play castlevania! Or watch TV.


    1. Well I guess they all can't be winners. Hope Dead Rising was better for you.

    2. agree with you. sonic 4 is shit.

    3. bummer dude, imo nothing compares to the original

    4. Sonic for the sega genesis was my game. I loved it!