Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dead Rising 2 Progress and Sonic 4

I've been playing a lot of DR2 recently and just picked up Sonic 4 yesterday.

I failed my first play through by completing an objective right in the nick of time, only to find out there's a second part. Sigh. My second play through is going very well. Taking up to 7 survivors back to the base at is pretty cool. Also doing more missions that I missed the first time around. Still like this game. Difficulty is wavering though. Some psychopaths are hard, like the chef. And others are just easier. The chef was a lot easier to manage on my second play through. Especially since I knew how to take him down.

Still a very enjoyable game. Especially when you want to kill some zombies.... and right a kid's tricycle....

Moving on, I also shelled out the 14.99 to purchase Sonic 4. It seems pretty much like the old games (2,3). Which is what I think a lot of fans wanted from the series. I only played a little bit of the first level before I retired for the evening. Hope to play a little more between zombie killing and bed sleeping. Time to cook dinner! I'm thinking something involving chicken.


  1. Sonic 4 looks AWESOME. I want to play that game so badly...

  2. Like your reviews man. Not some bs TEN OUT OF TEN CAUSE ITS MY FAVORITE GAME sorta of thing

  3. Dead Rising looks fun, my friend has it and i think im going to buy it

  4. I definitely have to buy it. The first was greatness

  5. >_< i want to play them!!